Apply Online for Driving License (DL) – Application Form Filling !

Find out how to fill online driving license application form – Step by step form filling Instructions with screenshot for you

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has released an excellent facility for online application submission. This portal is dedicated to provide your all required details regarding the same. Our aim is to help you to apply online for driving license. No matter from which state or Union Territory of India, you belong, these steps will apply for you.

If you want to apply for driving license, you know very well that how important is getting the Learner’s license. And if you don’t have the Learner’s license yet, let me be very clear that you have to apply for learner’s license before the permanent driving license.

How to Apply Online for Driving License – Overview

If you hold a Learner’s license for 30 days, you become eligible to apply for permanent driving license. To obtain it, you need to fill in the application form (which can be done via online mode). You also need to pay the application fee for driving license. Once the fee is paid, you can even make online appointment for driving license test. After this, just appear on the fixed date and time and undergo the test. If every thing goes well, your license will be delivered to you soon.

Online Driving License – Application Form Filling

The above paragraph explained the overview. In this particular section, our aim is to understand the application submission process. The procedure is extremely simple. The only requirement is a reliable internet connection. Let’s get started !

Fill Applicant Details & Uploading Documents (& Photo and Signature)

Online Driving License Application Step 2

  • You need to click on the “Continue” Button
  • Clicking on the button will ask you about the Learner’s License details
  • Select the appropriate choice from – “holding Learner’s License”, “holding Foreign DL” and “holding defence license”
  • Note – Most of the applicants will select the first option only
  • After selecting the option, enter the Learner’s License number and date of birth
  • Then hit the “Ok” Button

Online Driving License Application Step 2

  • Now the online application form for the permanent driving license (DL) will open up
  • Enter the required information, and click on next button
  • You will be then asked upload documents and photo and signature

Online DL – Slot Booking Process

If you have successfully made this far, now you are eligible for “DL test Slot Booking ”

We have written a separate article for the slot booking process, CLICK HERE to read now

 Payment of FEE

After successfully booking the slot, you need to pay the applicable fee. The payment can be made online too. For details of applicable fee and payment of driving license, READ THIS ARTICLE

After the payment, you need to visit the RTO office on the date and time already fixed through slot booking. You need to undergo the driving test. Try your level best to clear the test. If you passed this test, your driving license will be processed soon. You can get it after few weeks.

That’s it Guys, we hope this article helped you in applying online for DL


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