Learner License Test-Online Appointment & Slot Booking

Find out how can you make online appointment (Slot Booking) for Learner’s License Test

Hello Everyone ! You will be glad to know that online appointment & slot booking facility has been started by transport department. What this facility does is that, you can make an appointment before appearing for Learner license exam. Once the slot booking is done, you need to appear at the mentioned time and appear for the learner license test.

This process of appointment is actually a step in the process of applying online for Learner’s license. We will help you in understanding the complete procedure of slot booking. Just follow the given steps in the given order.

Learning License (LL) Test Online Appointment 

The ministry of Road Transport and Highways has started this great initiative to provide the online appointment facilities. The applicant can now fix an appointment for the test from his/her home. Before proceeding, kindly make sure that you have following information with you –

1) Application Number

2) Date of birth

3) Details of the portal from where the application was submitted i.e. (Sarathi, e-District,e-Seva, meeseva etc)

If you have this information, the next steps are for you –

Online Learner License Test – Appointment Fixing Steps

Learner License LL Online Appointment Slot Booking

  • Once there, you will find an online application form. You have to provide the required information
  •  First of all select the portal in the “Application Submitted through” section
  • After this enter the Application Number
  • Note – This application number is the number that was provided you after the online submission of learner license application
  • Now enter the date of birth of the applicant
  • After this you need to enter the verification code.
  • Note – In the verification code box you need to enter the characters that are shown in the image corresponding to it
  • Now enter the “Submit” button
  • If the details entered by you are correct, you will be navigated to the online LL appointment page
  • There, you need to select the RTO office and date
  • Depending on the number of available slots, your appointment for the test will be fixed
  • You need to print or save the acknowledgement

That’s all ! Now you need to appear on the mentioned date and time for the computer based Learner License test

In case you want to cancel the appointment due to any reason this can also be done easily online. To cancel the slot booking, follow these steps –

LL Test Online Slot Booking – Cancellation Steps

Learner license online appointment cancellation

  • Enter the application number, date of birth and Verification Code
  • Hit the “Submit” button
  • After this your appointment will be shown to you in the next page
  • Click on the “Cancel” button to cancel the appointment

If you want to book the slot for another day or time, just follow the procedure given earlier in the article.

Feel free to leave your queries in the “comments” section below.


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