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Apply Online for Driving License in Andhra Pradesh | AP online Learner & Driving License Application Form Filling

The driving license is a mandatory document if you need to run a vehicle. Earlier, there were no quick options to apply for a driving license. The time has now been changed. In today’s era, the citizens of Andhra Pradesh can now apply online for the license. The Andhra Pradesh Government has launched the online portal for the citizens. This portal will help them to apply for a fresh license. The citizens can apply for the learner’s license as well as the driving license. The reputed AP Government has promised to provide a simple platform to the citizens. The government has now completed its words now.

Andhra Online Driving License – Portal Launched

The government has launched the online portal for the convenience of the citizens while applying for a license. The portal has been launched for providing an ease to the citizens of AP. One can now easily apply for a fresh license without visiting here and there. The main objective of this portal is to provide an easy process to the people for applying for a license. Now, they need not visit the government offices anymore. They can simply apply for a license from this portal. Not only a simple process but they can now get the license at the earliest. Another reason behind this portal is to provide the quick service to the citizens of AP.

What has more the government arranged?

Andhra Govt. Launched Online License Services. Apart from this, people can approach the Transport Department Offices on working days. People can get a special program on Monday and Tuesday of every week and the fourth Saturday. This special program can be availed from 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. This special program has been initiated for the ease and convenience of the public. The program has started for the issuance of Non-Transport Driving Licences only. Agents are restricted to help the candidates. The candidates can approach the officers directly. The AP Government made an appeal to the citizens to avail these services.

What if there is any difficulty?

People can approach the Deputy Transport Commissioner (DTC) on having any issues. They can also approach the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) of the concerned region. Apart from this, they can also contact-

Additional Transport Commissioner: (040) 3223589 (Office), 3748585 (Residence)

Joint Transport Commissioner (Vigilance): (040) 3224925 (Office), 7632691 (Residence)

Where can you get it?

You can get the license at the Regional Transport Office. Not only this but also at the Motor Vehicles Inspector’s Office. Andhra Govt. Launched Online License Services for its citizens.

Apply Online for Learner or Permanent Driving License in AP (Andhra Pradesh)

Te citizens can apply for driving license after 16 years of age. The 16 years old can apply for the motorcycles with an engine capacity of 50 cc and not more than this. The 18 years old can apply for driving the motor vehicles with an engine capacity of more than 50cc. The 20 years old can apply for endorsement to drive vehicles.

How to apply online?

  • Simply visit the online portal,
  • You can either start by obtaining a learners license or the permanent license.
  • Go to the “LICENSE” tab
  • Start filling the required details and click on SUBMIT

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