BH Bharat Number Series

BH Bharat Number Series | Benefits, How to Apply Online, Registration

Vehicle owners have been frustrated to re-register their vehicles whenever they shift from one state to another in India. The process has become the most cumbersome one for both the citizens and officials. Considering the same, the union government has launched the BH Bharat Number Series Registration. However, the new initiative will be available on a voluntary basis to defence personnel, central/state/public sector/private sector companies, and organizations. 

BH Bharat Number Series

This article explains the complete details about the BH Bharat Number Series, Benefits of registering the BH Bharat Number Service, Online procedure to apply for BH Bharat Number Series, Online Registration Procedure on the Official Portal, Format of BH Registration Number, and BH Number Series Registration Fee Details.

Benefits of Bharat Number Series 

Let us see the benefits of the Bharat Number Services facility launched by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

  • This process benefits both the government and private sector employees. 
  • The new initiation will avoid the re-registration of the vehicles when the employees relocated to other states.
  • The motor vehicle tax will be levied for two years or in multiple of two through the new BH series. 
  • The newly announced scheme enable the free movement of vehicles across any state in India when relocating to a new state.
  • It becomes easier to sell and buy vehicles in the other states as well.
  • Moreover, the new series will ease the ownership transfer of used cars as well.

How to Apply Online for Bharat Series Vehicle Registration

Let us see the online procedure to apply and register for the Bharat Series Vehicle Registration on the official portal.

  • The vehicle owners should apply for a new plate at the nearest RTO office of the vehicle purchase.
  • The vehicle owners should pay the road tax for only two years or the multiples of 2 years. However, it depends on the length of the tenure in the state where the car is purchased.
  • Previously, the vehicle owners should provide a No Objection Certificate for assigning a new registration.
  • However, no NOC is required with the BH Series initiative, and the applicant can directly apply for re-registration in a new state.
  • The tax of said state will now be applicable, and the owner can wait for the previous tenure to get over for new registration.
  • Please remember that the new owner fails to renew the RC in the mentioned time frame. A fine will be applicable as per MV Act if Traffic Police ever catch the defaulters.
  • A refund is also applicable if the owner wants to pay the road tax of the new state. 
  • In such cases, the application for a refund of the road tax in the parent state has to be filed.
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Format of BH Series Registration Number 

Let us see the format of the BH Series Registration Number Format, as shown below.

  • YY BH 4144 XX YY
  • YY- Year of First Registration
  • BH- Code for Bharat Series
  • ####- 0000 to 9999 (Radom Number)
  • XX – Alphabets (AA to ZZ)


Bharat (BH) Registration Fee Details 

The new rules for BH Series Central Motor Vehicle 2021 (20th Upgradation) will be applied from 15th September 2021. After the vehicle tax expiration for BH Series within 7 days, a new tax must be submitted, or a fine of rupees of Rs. 100 daily is applied. Let us see the details of the registration fee details of the vehicle registration, as shown below.

Vehicle PriceVehicle Tax (% of invoice)Charges
Below Rs 10 Lakh8%2% Extra Charge (Diesel Vehicle )
Rs. 10-20 Lakh10% 2% Extra Charge (Diesel Vehicle )
Above Rs. 20 Lakh12%2% Less Charge (Electric Vehicle)

All the interested applicants can visit the official portal of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways to get the complete details about the BH Bharat Number Series.

BH Bharat Number Series FAQs

Who are eligible for the newly launched BH Bharat Number Series Registration?

All the defense personnel, central/state/public sector/private sector companies, and organizations.

Who has launched the new initiative called BH Bharat Number Series policy recently?

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways are responsible for the newly launched Bharat Number Series policy.

What is the major benefit of BH Series Vehicle Registration introduced by MORTH?

The major benefit of BH Series Vehicle Registration is it avoids the re-registration of the vehicles when the employees relocated to other states.

Is the No Objection Certificate mandatory from the parent state of the vehicle owner for re-registration?

No. The NOC is not required for the re-registration of the BH Series Vehicle Re-Registration.

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