How to Change/ Update Mobile Number in Driving License l DL Online Mobile Number Change

Find out how to make changes to the Driving License Registered mobile number Online, Step by Step Guide

Are you aware of the fact about how important a Driving License is, as per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, to drive a vehicle in India? In our day-to-day life, we often find ourselves in certain situations where we get compelled to change our residence, our address in identity cards and much more. Similarly, in the same way, we are required to change/ update Mobile Number in Driving License. From time-to-time, such important details like the address and phone number are to be changed. Keeping all the details updated is not only good but also seem to be assisting us in the long run.

Change Mobile Number in Driving License | Update Registered Phone No. in DL

Now, the good news is that you are not needed to step out to the government offices anymore to get your number updated in your DL. You can get your mobile number updated anytime and from anywhere within a single click just online. In this article, we are going to explain the steps for your DL Online Registered Mobile Number Change. Let us understand it step by step properly:-

Step by step guide to Change/ Update Mobile Number in Driving License (DL) Online

  • The basic step to update your mobile number starts by visiting the official portal

how to change driving license registered mobile number

  • Once you get to the website, the above page gets opened in front of you.

change dl linked mobile number online

  • What next you have to do is to select your state from where you would like to take this service from.

  • After you have appeared on the above page, you will see lots of subheadings under the main head “ Driving License”. Now, the next step is to Click on Apply Online.

  • Now, you can unambiguously see various sub-heads under “ Apply Online” including what exactly you are looking for. What do you want? Mobile Number Update in Driving License, right? Click on it now.

  • After clicking on “Mobile Number Update”, you will see the above page gets opened in front of you. The page is asking you to select the criteria on the basis of the service or your requirement. Since you are looking for Mobile Number Update in DL, select your criteria as Driving License.

  • After you have selected your criteria as “DL”, you will now be asked about your License Issued Date, Your DL Number and Your Date of Birth. It is to be suggested to fill in each detail carefully to avoid time consumption. After the following details have been entered, click submit.

  • After clicking on submit, License holder details will immediately get opened with the details like License Name, Father’s/ Husband’s Name, License Number, your Birth Date and your existing or no mobile number. Click on proceed to update/ change your Mobile number in DL.

  • The next important step is to enter your new mobile number details. Please enter your new mobile number and enter the same number once more to confirm it. You are also being asked the reason for your number change/ updation. Please choose it wisely. For example, you can choose “SIM Card Lost” if you have lost your sim card and have recently purchased a new number.
  • After proceeding, you will be required to enter the OTP as sent to your new registered mobile number.

  • OTP once confirmed and you’re done. You have successfully got your mobile number updated online in your Driving License.

It is to be noted that you need to very attentive while filling in each and every detail. Even a single digit of your License Number or any other important detail can prove to be very time consuming for you. So be careful.