Driving (DL)/ Learning (LLR) License Fee | Complete Details of Application Fee to be Paid for DL Services

 We all people know that a permanent driving license is only issued after a citizen applies for a learner license and declares that he is capable of learning to drive a vehicle. It is very much clear with the fact that as per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, nobody is allowed to drive a vehicle until and unless he/ she holds a valid legal permanent driving license in his hands. A valid legal DL makes every citizen capable to drive a motor vehicle without any concern. Do you know that obtaining these licenses is not as easy as it seems. The process of applying and obtaining a license whether it is a permanent licence or a learner licence is always a time consuming and a risky process as well. Apart from being a time-consuming and a risky process, it involves some costs as well. 

Different purposes involve different amounts of Driving (DL)/ Learning (LLR) License Fee

Moreover, we should also be aware of the fact there are different types of purposes for which a citizen of India applies for a license. Different types of purposes of license involve different fee involvement. Some licenses are easy to obtain and less costly whereas some are difficult and expensive as well. For an instance, if we compare the fee for issuance of a learner’s license or issuance of a driving license there is not much of difference. Where, we can see that the cost that is involved in the issuance of a learner’s license is 150/- as compared to the cost of issuance of a driving license that goes up to 200. So, in this article we are going to have a look on the complete details of application fee to be paid for DL services. Let us have a look on various types of services including Driving (DL)/ learning ( LLR) License fee. 

Fee structure for various types of learner and driving licenses

  1. Fee for the issuance of learner’s license in form no. 3 for any class of vehicle separately- 150/-.
  2. Fee for the learner’s license test or repeat test fee, if any such case arises- 50/-.
  3. Fee for test, for a repeat test for each class of vehicle- 300/-.
  4. For the issuance of a permanent driving license- 200/-.
  5. For the issuance of international driving permit- 1000/-.
  6. Free for adding another class of vehicle to the existing driving license- 500/-.
  7. Fee for the endorsement or the renewal of authorization for the vehicle that carries hazardous goods- 100/-.
  8. Fee for the renewal of your driving license- 200/-.
  9. Fee for the renewal of driving license for which the application is made after the grace period- 300/- 
  10. The last but not the least, the fee for the issuance or renewal of a license to a school or any establishment which provides instructions in driving- 10000/-.

Points of difference between DL and LL

 If we differentiate a learner licence or a driving licence on the basis of fee involved, we can actually differ them on the basis of following facts:

  1. Since DL and LL, both are the Licenses but DL alone cannot be issued without LL. 
  2. When you apply for a learner licence, you will have to pay a small amount, in the same way, you are liable to pay to obtain a driving licence as well. 
  3. Though, the learner licence is valid for a period of six months, but once the learner licence gets expired, you will have to make the payment again and apply for a new learner licence and the process will be followed from the beginning itself. 

In view of the above, if we compare the fees of different purposes with each other, it can be easily concluded that most of the services require very less amount to get whereas fee for the issuance of international driving permit and fee for the issuance of renewal of license to a school or establishment incurs high amount of Fee.