How to apply online for Fancy Registration Number, Book RTO VIP Number

Find out how to Book Fancy Vehicle Number Online for your Car or Bike, Step by Step VIP Registration Number online request

Who doesn’t want to get noticed in a special way by having a fancy registration/ VIP number? Having a Vip number is indeed an amazing expression to let others make an impression about us for being special and important. Though getting a fancy registration number for your vehicle may cost you a bit more, but it can certainly make you feel wow and out of the ordinary.

Fancy/VIP Vehicle Registration Number | How to Book Online from RTO

Though obtaining a fancy Registration number for your vehicle may be a time and cost-effective procedure, but we have eased the process to apply online for the same. Let us have a look at the ways/ steps for how to apply online for Fancy Registration Number.

Before we proceed further to explain the step by step process for getting a fancy VIP number for your Car or Bike, we need to know that the process is an auction-based process where you will see various numbers will be put for sale in front of you.

Apply online for Fancy Registration Number, VIP Vehicle Number online Booking


Fancy vehicle registration number at vahan portal

  • Once you open the website, you will see the above page gets opened in front of you. Here, you will see the Fancy Number column asking you to enter details such as your User id and Password along with the verification code. But you cannot log in since you are a new public user. Click on New Public users to apply.

Sign up at vahan portal

  • After clicking on a new public user, you will be immediately prompted to the above page where you have to sign up. It’s a registration form asking you some of your important details like state, your name, email id, and mobile number, etc. You also need to enter the verification code as shown. Click on sign up now.

  • Once you have successfully signed up on fancy Vehicle No Auction Portal, you will get your user id and password on your mentioned email id and mobile number immediately. Click OK. You can now sign in with your user id and password.

  • Just after you have logged in with your user id and password, you will be immediately prompted to “applicant password change” page. Here, you have an option to change the existing difficult password to a new password of your choice. Here, you have to enter your old password which you have received on your mail id/ number along with the new password. Enter the same “new password” once in “confirm password” and click on change.

  • Once you have finally changed your password, you will be again prompted to the login page. You need to login again with your new details. Enter your email id as user id and your recently altered new password and login.

Application Module Types for Fancy Vehicle (Car, Bike, etc) Registration Number Booking

Book your VIP vehicle number online

  • Now, select the module type.

how to register vip vehicle number car bike

  • If you choose “Proceed to Auction Process”, you will see the above disclaimer which says that the fancy numbers booked from here will only be registered at the MALL ROAD Zonal office. Click OK.

booking process explained

  • In the auction process, you have to do bidding. You can see the instructions which are mentioned for the bidders. Have a look at it and do whatever you do wisely. It is to be noted that the payment received in this case can only be accepted through a multi banking system of State Bank of India. Also, after you have placed your bidding successfully, an allotment letter is generated online. There is no need to visit the RTO office. If you turn out to be an unsuccessful bidder, the refund to you will be issued within a month.

In the auction process, there have been made some categories such as

  • Category 1 is for Super Elite Number i.e., 0001 – Costs 5 Lakh
  • Category 2 is for Single Digit Number like 0002, 0007 and 0008 etc.-  Costs 3 Lakh each
  • Category 3 is for special Numbers such as 0786, 1111 and 9999 and double digit numbers between 0010 and 0099 – Costs 2 Lakh each
  • Category 4 is for Numbers such as 0100, 0444, 0800, 2000, 4000, 4444, 8888, 9000, 0101, 1008 & 1313 etc. – Costs 1 Lakh each

choose your special vehicle rto number online

  • In the “First Come First Serve” process:

You will see a vehicle series running basis RTO in front of you. You can choose any number you wish to. If the number you have entered is available, you will be required to make the payment of INR 25,000 Rupees? You are requested to check the timings for bidding too.

To Conclude

So, from the above, it is very much clear to follow the steps properly to apply online for Fancy Registration Number or a VIP number. Choose wisely and enjoy the feel like a VIP by having a VIP number.