How to Prepare for Learner’s License Test | RTO Learning License (LL) test Practice

In India, a driving license is an essential document to drive a vehicle. If you are found driving and do not have the license, it will be considered to be an offense as per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. For the offense, you will be fined and can be put behind bars too. So, it is obvious that if you want to drive a vehicle in India, a driving license is a must. So, in this article, we are going to let you prepare for Learner’s License Test.

Types of Licenses in India

The driving license is of 2 types in India:-

One is the permanent driving license and the other is the learner’s license. With the permanent driving license, you get the authority to drive a vehicle, but to get this you need to first have a learner’s license. With the Learner’s license, you get the authority do drive a vehicle under the supervision of a person who has a driving license, and only with the learner’s license, you will be allowed to appear for the test for the permanent license.

Having a learner’s license is as important as it is to have a permanent license and just like there is a test for the permanent license, there is also a test for the leaner’s license. This test is no big deal, but for a person who is applying for the first time and does not know these tests, can face a problem. With this post, we are trying to help such people and providing complete information about the preparation for the learner’s license test.

The Right Approach for preparing for the Learner’s License Test

  1. What Questions Are Asked In The Test?

In The learner’s license test you are tested for your knowledge related to traffic rules and the various signboards. You should also know about various offenses related to the traffic rules. An individual needs to know about these so there is less chance of traffic rules being violated and hence fewer chances of accidents.

People who do not understand the traffic rules, the meaning of signboards, and doing what will be an offense, are often found to be the reason for accidents. For example, a driver who is unaware of a signboard which tells the speed limit of a road is 40 km/ph and starts driving above that speed, will surely get other drivers on that road into trouble. This is why the authorities related to road safety make sure that a person applying for the learner’s license knows these things.

  1. How To Prepare For These Questions?

The best way to prepare for these tests is through the help of the internet. There are several websites (operated by both government and private authorities) that give you information about traffic signboards, different kinds of offenses and even the penalty fee to be paid for them. Since these rules and regulations can change, you must trust the latest resource for reference.

In case you do not have access to the internet or you are not sure if the information on the internet is right, you can always go to the nearest RTO office and ask for a handbook that has all the information related to the traffic rules.

We also suggest that when you prepare for this test, you should be attentive on the road and try to figure the meaning of various signboards. Most of the signboards can be easily understood with common sense. Watching them regularly will make it easy to have an understanding of them.

Requirements For Passing The Exam

In the learner’s license test, you get a set of 20 questions and you need to have a minimum of 12 of them right, to clear the exam. If you are not able to clear it, you have multiple attempts to try. There is no limit to the attempts and thus there is no need to panic about these tests.

Important Note

Most people manage to clear the test in the first attempt, however, they forget that this result is valid only for 6 months. You can use the result of the learner’s license to apply for the permanent license only for 6 months. If you are not able to apply in this duration, you will have to go through the whole process of getting a new learner’s license.

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Question 1: In India, what is an essential document to drive a vehicle?

Answer 1: In India, a driving license is an essential document to drive a vehicle.

Question 2: What is the offence for driving without license?

Answer 2: For the offense, you will be fined and can be put behind bars to

Question 3: How many types of DL are there?

Answer 3: 2

Question 4: Names of Driving Licenses?

Answer 4: One is the permanent driving license and the other is the learner’s license