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HSRP Haryana | High-Security Number plate Apply Online, Registration Form 2021, Make Payment, Check Status

HSRP Haryana’s online number plate booking process is quite simple. If you have a two or 4 wheeler, you must apply for a high-security number plate in Haryana. Soon after your application, the number plate will be prepared and you will be notified regarding the installation. This article covers all about the HSRP Haryana number plate. Eligibility criteria, fees, how to apply, how to install, etc. 

HSRP Haryana stands for high-security registration plate in Haryana which is also known by the name of high-security number plate. If we talk about a high-security number, we mean the number plates that are made of aluminum and which come with reflective tapes. These plates are tempered proof and are equipped with chromium-based and self-destructive holograms. These number plates are hot stamped on the plate. For this kind of information, these number plates were first announced by the supreme court of India in 2012. A high-security number plate has a life of over 5 years. 

High Security Number plate Haryana HSRP Apply Online

These plates form a uniform pattern for displaying the motor vehicle numbers across the country. The main aim behind making available these high-security number plates is to solve the problem of theft and to easily enable the tracking of the vehicles which are either lost or stolen. In this article, we are going to explain the process for how to apply online, make payment and check the status of high-security number plates in Haryana. Let us start.

The entire process of HSRP Haryana online booking is as :

Step 1: Provide Booking Details

Step 2: HSRP Fitment Location Details

Step 3: Book Appointment Slot

Step 4: Booking Summary

Step 5: Verify Details & Pay

Step 6: Download Receipt

  • In order to apply for a high-security number plate in Haryana, the very first thing that we have to do is to visit the official website of the government of the Haryana transport department. 
  • Choose the first option, a High-security registration plate with a color sticker to proceed
  • In the next step, you are asked to provide “Booking details”. In this section, provide your vehicle details like registration number, chassis number, Engine number and proceed
  • After correctly entering the booking details, provide the fitment details
  • Select your nearest location for the fitment
  • Once you select the location, select the dealer & confirm your fitment location
  • The next step now is to select an appointment date & time slot. After confirming the dealer, you are taken to the appointment page
  • Select the available date and confirm the time
  • Click on “Confirm & proceed” to confirm the appointment.
  • You will be able to see the booking summary in the next page
  • The next step is to make the payment. At the bottom of the booking summary page, click on “Confirm & Proceed”.
  • Now, you will be taken to the “Verify Details & Pay” Page
  • Your details will appear on this page. Check them to ensure everything is correct
  • Enter your mobile number in the space provided and verify with OTP. Now, the price will appear on the screen

  • Click on “Pay Online” button and complete the payment
  • After successful payment, you will be able to view the payment and appointment receipt
  • You can print this out for future references

HSRP HARYANA- Check Status / Track Order of High-Security Number Plate

After successfully applying online for a high-security number plate in Haryana, one can also check the status of their application online. Here are the steps to check the status of your application :

  • Enter the required information and hit the “search” button to know the current status of your application

Other Important Information

It is to be importantly noted that as soon as your number plate is ready, you will be getting a message on your registered mobile number. After receiving the message, you are advised to visit the fixation center with all the documents.

By reaching the fixation center, they will ask you to show your receipt and fix the registration plate. For fixing your plate, they may ask you for a small amount of 50- 100 rupees which you can deal with them as you like. 

So, this is a clear-cut process to apply for a high-security number plate online, fill the registration form 2021, make your payment, and check the status thereby. 

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