MP Transport New Learning License (LL), Apply, Online Application Form 2020 @eparivahan mptransport portal

MP New Learner License (LL) Apply, Online Application Form filling guide

As we all people are aware of the fact that we cannot get a permanent driving license until and unless we don’t know how to drive a motor vehicle. It is also pertinent to know that as per The Motor Vehicles Act 1988, we must be eligible to get a DL in hand. But how can we obtain a permanent driving license without having a learner license? So this is the point of how to get a learning license? It is always mandatory to hold a legal license, even when you are learning to drive a motor vehicle. In that case, a learner license is issued to make you eligible to drive a vehicle on the road. So, in this article, we are going to explain the step by step process to obtain your MP new learning license. You need to be assured that obtaining a learning license is not as difficult as you understand. 

MP New Learner License Apply | Madhya Pradesh LL Online Application Form

Getting a learner’s license is the first step towards availing the permanent driving license. If you already have a vehicle or planning to get one, you must apply for a learner’s license. Be advised that you need to clear the online computer exam in order to avail of learner license. So, make sure you prepare thoroughly before appearing in the exam. Don’t get confused, the complete procedure for applying for New LL in MP is explained in detail below.

MP New Learning License (LL), Apply, Online Application Form 2020

  • The very first step to getting  your MP new learning license is to visit the official portal


  • Once you have clicked on the above link of the official site, you will see yourself on the above page of e parivahan licence appointment system where you can see Citizen Services- Learner Licence. When you click on the Citizen Services- Learner Licence you will see various services open under the same. Since you have to apply for a new learner licence you need to click on “New Enrollment”.

  • Once you have clicked on “new enrollment” you will see various options in front of you which have been classified into four points. The very first is you need to select your RTO. Once you select your RTO name, you need to select the date and time to fix your appointment thereafter. It is to be noted that at the time of selecting your date and time, you will see some dates are already appointed to others. So please select your appointment date and time carefully.

  • The next or second point is to fill in your personal details. Your personal details include your name, relationship, relative’s name, gender, your email, blood group, date of birth and your qualifications, etc. 
  • Once you are successfully and carefully filled-in your personal details in the online form, you will be prompted to point number 3 i.e., address details. At this step, you need to enter your residence details carefully. 
  • The next point is to select the class of vehicle. The class of vehicle is that class of the vehicle that you are going to drive such as motorcycle/ vehicle without gear, cycle with gear and light vehicle with transport, etc.
  • Once you have selected the class of vehicles, you will be required to book your slot on the basis of the time and date available there. Along with this, you need to pay certain fees for a learner license and reach with all your additional documents duly attested and photocopy to your selected RTO office. 

So when you have successfully filled in all the details, you will see that you have successfully applied for your learner license online. Once you get your learner license , wait for 30 days and then apply for New Driving in Madhya Pradesh.

So these are the above steps with the help of which you can apply for your MP new learning license online. You need to be assured that whatever information you are providing online must be true to the best of your knowledge. In case of any discrepancy or defect, you may get your online application rejected. Once applied for the learner license, you will be eligible to drive the selected motor vehicles as per the Act. It is also advised to drive your motor vehicle safely since you are a learner. Safe driving and stay safe!!!

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