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MP New Permanent Driving License (DL), Apply Online Form 2020 @eparivahan mptransport portal

Find out how can you apply online for New Driving License (DL) online in Madhya Pradesh (MP)

It is an already proven fact that whenever we have to obtain a permanent driving license from any authority we first need to apply for a learner license. Why do we need a permanent license? We need it as the motor vehicles act 1988 says us all about it. As per the act, no one is eligible to drive any vehicle without having a permanent DL in hand in Madhya Pradesh. But not in Madhya Pradesh only; the same rule applies to all the states of India and it is for everyone. So, you had applied for a learner license online on e-Parivahan MP Transport portal and you have also learned how to drive; now it’s high time to apply for MP new driving license (DL) online. This can be understood with the help of steps. So, in this article, we are going to explain steps to guide you to get your permanent driving license in Madhya Pradesh as per 2020 latest guidelines.

New Driving License MP | Madhya Pradesh Permanent DL Apply Online

If you belong to the State of Madhya Pradesh (MP) & want to apply for New Permanent Driving License, you are advised to follow the steps given below. Also, make sure that you already have a learner’s license because without it you won’t be able to apply for permanent dl in MP. After you have obtained your copy of the learner’s license, you can apply after 30 days for permanent DL. So, ensure that you have had your learner’s license at least 30 days before applying.

MP Madhya Pradesh New Permanent Driving License (DL), Online Application Form 2020 @ eparivahan.mptransport portal

Follow the given steps :

  • The process to apply for your MP permanent DL can be started by navigating to official portal


  • Once you have clicked on the above link, you will see the same page gets opened that you had seen while applying for your learner license. As you saw various services under the category of Learner License- Citizen Services, in the same way, you can see various services are being shown under the Driving License- Citizen Services. Click on DL- Fresh. 

  • Just after you have clicked on DL- fresh, you will see the above page gets opened in front of you. Here, you are applying for your permanent driving license, so you need to enter your learner license number along with your date of birth and click on submit. 
  • Once you have submitted your learner license number and your date of birth, now you are all set to get your driving license. After doing all these formalities online, you will be given an appointment on the basis of the slot you have booked. There you will be asked for a short duration driving test on the basis of which if you get passed, you will be issued a permanent driving license that will reach you directly on your permanent residence address.

Note: You will be able to make all required payments online using Netbanking, Debit/Credit card & other options. 

So, these are the steps that you have to follow in order to get your MP New Permanent Driving License in 2020.

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