Telangana TS New Driving License (DL), Apply, Online Application Form 2020

Are you from Telangana & Want to Apply online for Driving License (DL)? Yes, Don’t Miss this Article

Did you know, as per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it’s of utmost importance to not to drive any vehicle if you don’t hold a legal permanent Driving License in Telangana? Of course, it’s absolutely true, not for Telangana State (TS), only but for entire India or any other state of India.

Now the point is, we want a permanent Driving License but are not at all aware of the modus operandi and the stages to obtain a license. So, in order to make you understand in brief, there are 2 stages. The first one is to obtain a Learner’s License (LLR), because this is the way to get a permanent DL in Telangana and the second seems very obvious i.e., a permanent Driving License. Once you get a Learner’s License issued, a clear way to get a permanent DL seems to be opened for you. Let us now understand the clear step by step process to apply for New Driving License online for Telangana TS. Have a look:

Telangana New Driving License Form | TS DL Apply Online

tg transport new driving license apply

  • Once the site pops up in front of you after typing the above-mentioned link, you need to click Dealers Registration.

TS DL Apply

  • Just after you have chosen “Dealers Registration”, the above message appears in front of you. The message is just a safety measure to make you aware about the current pandemic situation. It also suggests you to take some precautions and stay safe thereby. Click on CLOSE now.

  • Now, you will see various columns depicting various requirements for an applicant. You need to see “Driving License” column and select Fresh Driving License.

  • At the moment you select and click “Fresh driving License”, you will see yourself at a self declaration page asking you to self declare about yourself for not having any symptoms of covid-19, no travel history to any foreign country recently, have not been in contact of any covid-19 patient and have not been quarantined recently. If you abide by all the conditions of the self declaration page, you are requested to agree only then. If you fulfill all the conditions, click on “I agree”.

TS Telangana New Driving License (DL) Online Application Form 2020

telangana new dl form

  • Now, when you have honestly agreed to all their conditions and have no covid-19 related symptoms, you will be immediately prompted to their online application form. It’s basically a filing for a schedule of Driving License Test that is to be held at the RTO (Regional Transport Office). This application form is a utility that assists you to schedule or book your driving test online.

It is to be noted, that in any case if you are unable to book your test appointment online, you may have to visit to the nearest RTO in that exceptional case.

Why the appointment is necessary?

This is a question that is much needed to be known by every other applicant who wants to obtain a Permanent DL in Telangana. The appointment is necessary because no driving test is conducted without a DL test appointment.

In the schedule for DL Test, you need to enter the following details carefully:

  • Enter your Learning License Number
  • Your Date of Birth
  • Your Mobile Number
  • Once you enter your mobile number, click on “Request for OTP” and after you receive a one-time password, enter it.

The application form also requires you to fill in the basic and important details of the applicant such as Name, Surname, Father/ husband’s name, gender, LLR issue date and Aadhar Card Number for authentication etc.

Apart from this, you also need to select your test center where you would like to take your driving test. Choose carefully and wisely. Before you submit, you need to make the online payment too for confirmation of your appointment test. You can see “Click here” for make payment/ confirmation slip etc. Click “Click here”.

  • After you have selected “Click here”, you will see yourself at the above page asking you some of your important details like your “Learning License Number”, and “Date of Birth”. It is to be noted that the slot once chosen cannot be changed on the same day of your DL Test. You can click on “modify slot”, if you wish to do any changes in the same. Now, make payment.

Once payment is confirmed, you can print the confirmation. Now, click on “Back to application form” which is present on the upper right corner of the page and then click submit and it’s done.

  • What at last is left for you to appear on the given date and time to the center for your DL test. Once it’s cleared, you will be issued a permanent Driving License after fulfilling certain formalities and paperwork.

To Conclude

So, the above-mentioned steps set your way to obtain a driving license in Telangana, the ways to apply online, slot booking, filling of the application form, and appear for the test, etc. It is to be advised to do everything carefully and wisely to avoid any rejections at the RTO. Drive safe!