Online License Facilities – Overview for Beginners

Driving is an important aspect and should be taken very seriously. After independence, the need to set up Regional Transport Offices (RTO’s) was felt. Currently,these RTO’s have been set up in all over India and play a vital role in the distribution and management of license to vehicle owners. Earlier the process used to be manual but now, due to availability on internet the facility to apply online for Driving (or Learner’s) license has been started. This website i.e. contains the complete details that you must know in order to get your learner’s or Driving License.

Driving License (DL) & Learner’s License (LL)

There are two types of Licenses –

  • One is Learner’s license, also known as LL
  • Other is Driving license, also known as DL

Note – The aim of every new vehicle owner is to get the Driving License. The procedure to obtain it is given below.

Procedure (Overview)

Before you can get the Driving License, you have to apply for Learner’s License first. To get the LL, you must fill and submit the prescribed online application form. After the application is submitted you have to pass a computer based test. This test will contain simple questions related to driving. After passing the test, you can get your Learner’s License within a week.

Calculating from the date of issuance of Learner’s License, After 30 days you can apply online for the final driving license. You will have to submit another application and appear for the driving test on the given date.

Now you can make online appointment for Slot booking during Learner license or Driving License Test

Payment of Fee – 

The applicant must pay the fee while applying. The fee can be either paid manually or “online payment facility” can be used. Depending on the type of license you are applying for,(i.e. LL or DL) the amount of fees varies.

The Web Application Number

Once the online procedure is complete, applicants will get the “web application number”. This number should be saved and kept very carefully because it will be required later on. Either you want to check the status of your Driving License, status of web application, online slot booking or if you want to see the payment details, the Web Application Number is required. So, it is advised that you keep it in safe page.

Renewal of License

All the Details mentioned above were related to online license application. Now let’s come to another important aspect which is Online Driving License Renewal. Driving License comes with a validity. Applicant must renew it before it expires. Applicant must submit application for renewal of driving license within 30 days from the date of expiry. Using the online facility, you can submit the online form at the concerned RTO Office.

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