UP Traffic Police Challan Online Payment | Pay E-Challan online in Uttar Pradesh

Received Challan SMS? Find out how to pay Traffic Police Challan Online, UP Challan Online payment process

Abiding traffic rules is mandatory for everyone. Whosoever challenges traffic rules, ends up paying the challan. Indeed, challan is a penalty that you have to pay in lieu of breaking the traffic rules. The fee of challan can vary according to the rule broken.

For example, challan amount of not wearing a seat belt will be different from challan for crossing red light or increased speed limit. Depending on the rule broken by the commuters, the challan will be charged to the people. These days, the scenario is such that everything is getting digitalized. This is the reason that in Uttar Pradesh or any other part of India, online challan payment is becoming a possibility.

How to Pay Traffic Police Challan Online in UP

Before we explain the step by step process of paying traffic police challan online in Uttar Pradesh, you should get knowledge of E-Challan system i.e. how it works?


E-Challan is a refined software application encompassing Android-based mobile app and web interface. It is developed to provide a comprehensive solution for Transport Enforcement Officers and even Traffic Policemen. This application is assimilated with Vahan and Sarathi applications to offer numerous user-friendly features. It is, also, designed to cover the majority of functionalities related to Traffic Enforcement System.

This is a specialized automated system with a digital interface for all the stakeholders in the matter of challan eco-system. The application is intended to provide tailor-made interfaces for:

  • Enforcement officers
  • State transport office
  • Citizens with private or commercial car owners/drivers
  • Regional transport/Traffic office
  • Ministry of Road and Transport
  • NIC admin

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The application presents a novel idea of using a mobile-based app for issuing eChallan. The mobile-based contact to the system is accessible only to enforcement officers through the help of android smartphones. While the web-based access is obtainable to all the remaining stakeholders, mobile-based access confirms the services are accessible at any time and from anywhere. This application is built in-line with the necessities of Vahan 4 and Sarathi 4 and would access and update information from or to national databases.

UP Online Challan Payment | How to Pay Traffic Police Challan via Online Mode in Uttar Pradesh

On getting the SMS related to Challan from the Uttar Pradesh’s Traffic Police, it is important for the candidates to go through the details mentioned in the challan.

  • The vehicle owners obliged to pay challan should access the Challan Payment Portal.
  • On the homepage itself, you will see this:

In order to furnish the details of your challan, you can provide any of these:

  1. Vehicle Number
  2. Challan Number
  3. DL Number
  • In this regard, the Challan Payer’s have to select from the shown options and they require filling accordingly.
  • Further to this, you will have to click the get details option, and they have to make payment and verify, as per the options given.
  • After this, the applicant will be required to choose their payment mode, make payment and submit the details.

Payment Mode:

When it comes to the matter of selecting the mode of payment, it can be made wither through debit and credit card or even net banking option. Of course, it has to be taken care that the payment of challan should be done before or on the mentioned date. Otherwise, the challan goes to the nearby district court and the notice is sent to the vehicle owner. So, it is always better to pay the challan without delay to avoid any further legal issues.

Breaking traffic rules is not a mere piece of joy. It may land you in trouble too. And if the challan is not paid on time, further consequences can be difficult to handle. This is the reason that Challan should be paid on time.

At times, when the vehicle breaks a rule and passes away from the area, the challan is sent to the person’s registered address with the traffic department or as present on the driving license. The challan can be paid online without any difficulty. The receipt of the challan is sent to the person’s respective email address or one can take the screenshot of the payment accepted window.

Can i make challan payment online in Uttar Pradesh?

Yes, you can. Follow the steps given to make payment.

What information is required to display challan details online?

You need to provide Vehicle number OR Challan number OR DL number. Means, any one of these is required.

What are acceptable payment modes?

You can pay using a credit card, debit card, net banking etc.

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