How to transfer vehicle to other person name

Vehicle Ownership Transfer | How to Transfer Vehicle (Car, Bike) to other Person’s name Online

Step by Step Guide for Online ownership transfer of Vehicle in India (Car, Bike etc.) | Find out how can you transfer vehicle to other person’s name using the online application form

It is very well understood that whenever we buy a new car or a bike we have to get it registered at the RTO of our area. On successful registration of our vehicle, we are issued a registration certificate by the authority. The Registration certificate which is commonly known as RC is proof of registration and that makes you a legal owner of the vehicle. This document is complete evidence that you are the owner of a vehicle. 

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It is also important to know that sometimes, we come across certain situations in our day-to-day life where we just want to sell our car or bike or we just look forward to transferring the ownership. In this article, along with the process for how to transfer a vehicle to another person’s name online, we are also going to explain in brief the steps to transfer the ownership, the fees required, documents, and any other information as well. Let us start.

Here, a point is to be noted that whenever the ownership of the vehicle is transferred, the new RC will indicate the name of the new owner instead of the last owner of the vehicle. 

Types of Vehicle Ownership Transfer 

The transfer of ownership of any vehicle can be done in two ways- first is within the state and second is outside the state. 

  • When we talk about the ownership transfer of a vehicle within the state, we mean transfer within the geographical boundaries of a state. For example, if our car was registered in Gujarat and we sell the vehicle within Gujarat.
  • Apart from this, if we talk about the transfer of ownership outside the state, we mean transfer in another state. For example, if our car was registered in Hyderabad and we sell the vehicle outside Hyderabad. 

Car/ Bike or Any Vehicle Ownership transfer within the same state to Another Person’s name, online form 2020

There are three ways/ aspects for the ownership transfer of a vehicle within a state from one person to the other.

  • A normal sale takes place when the ownership of a vehicle is transferred or the owner sells a vehicle to another person. In this case, the seller has to submit form no. 29 to the regional transport office. The transferee, in turn, is required to submit form number 30 to the same office within 14 days of the transfer of ownership. Along with that, an apt fee and tax are also paid.
  • In the event of the death of the owner of the vehicle, the owner will be passed on to the legal representatives as per the rules and regulations.
  • The third way is to transfer the ownership of a vehicle that was purchased in a public auction. 

Documents required for vehicle ownership transfer in case of a normal sale

  1. Form 29
  2. Form 30
  3. Form 1
  4. Form 2

Step by step process for How to Transfer Vehicle (Car, Bike) to other Person’s name using Online Application Form

  • Now, you can easily avail the service online for the transfer of ownership of vehicles on this official portal. The first step is to click on the official link of the parivahan portal.

  • As soon as you click on the above link, the website gets immediately opened in front of you. The next thing that you have to do is scroll down the page and click on “Vehicle Registration Related Services”.

  • After clicking on “Vehicle Registration Related Services”, you will have to select your state. If you are from Delhi or Sikkim, click on Delhi or Sikkim State else click on other states”.

  • Suppose you click on other states, the above page gets opened in front of you. Here, you will need to login to avail the services further. Enter your car/ bike registration number and click on proceed. 

  • After proceeding, click on “online services” and further click on “vehicle-related services”. 

  • After clicking on “vehicle-related services”, an online application form gets opened in front of you where you have to enter your registration number, last 5 digits of your chassis number, and click on generate OTP.

  • After the OTP is generated, enter it. Now, click on show details, tick mark on the specific applications, share all the details, make the required payment of fee, and download the receipt and you are done. 


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